Depending on class, shrimps have different demands regarding water value, especially the pH value, carbonate hardness (CH) and total hardness (TH). The best method to ensure optimum water values is the so-called reverse osmosis method with subsequent rehardening; the 3 new ShrimpKing salts from Dennerle are based precisely on this principle.


ShrimpKing Bee Salt GH+. Is specially developed for all species that need soft, slightly acidic water. Only the total hardness is increased with this product. Bee shrimps like the Red Bee and the Crystal Red can be found in such waters.


All of the salts provide the shrimps with valuable minerals and trace elements, including iodine. The calcium-magnesium ratio is biologically balanced. Thanks to this composition, the formation of natural growth – like bacteria, single cell algae and other micro-organisms – is promoted, which serve as a valuable nutritional supplement, especially for young shrimps.


This means all requirements for balanced growth, health and vitality are given and, what’s more, the product is extremely easy to use. All 3 products are available in the package sizes 200 ml and 1000 ml.

ShrimpKing Bee Salt GH+

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